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Customers & Products

Air Force

RQ-21 (Pentecom, 2021). Led research and development of two Air Force business cases analyses that looked at implementing simplified technical English (STE) and migrating to a new S1000D common source database (CSDB).

B-1 (Pentecom, 2020-21). Trained development team on scrum best practices. Worked with Configuration Control Board (CCB) and developers to define and implement improvements to the company-proprietary software used to track content through its conversion and QA process. Documented existing processes and made recommendations for improvements. Configured previously selected issue tracking tool to better support content conversion and script / stylesheet maintenance. Researched and provide demos of alternate issue tracking tools (FogBugz and Jira). Used Oxygen XML editor, SDL LiveContent S1000D viewer, S1000D XML, MantisBT issue tracker, SharePoint, Teams.

Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System (JMS) (The Marlin Alliance, 2018). Mapped legacy content into the elements of the  Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) specification, automate conversion of that legacy content into eXtensible Markup Language (XML) written to the DITA specification, then develop stylesheets to render that DITA XML into a variety of Air Force-compliant publications. Effort included creating a content reuse map for five different Air Force publications: System Administrator's Manual (SAM), Operations Manual (OpsMan), Maintenance Control Manual (MCM), Work Unit Card (WUC), and Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) card. Used Oxygen XML editor, DITA Open Toolkit stylesheets, and AntennaHouse rendering engine. Used Oxygen XML editor, DITA-OT, GIT, FogBugz, SharePoint, MS Office, MS Project.

Space and Naval Warfare Systems (SPAWAR)

CANES MOC Variant (CMV) / Virtual Secure Enclave (VSE) (GTRI, 2018-2020). A secure network installed at Navy Maritime Operation Centers (MOCs) around the globe. This network served as a hosting platform for SPAWAR programs requiring shore-side servers. The project consisted of network systems as well as Software-as-a-Service DevOps tools created through the Ansible scripting application. Served as the Scrum Master, and also performed several Product Owner responsibilities for the Scrum Product Owner. Used Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

Technical Documentation Acquisition and Development (TDAD) (SAIC 2002-2013, The Marlin Alliance 2015-2018). TDAD is used by SPAWAR program offices to acquire, develop, and publish technical fleet documentation written in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) compliant with DITA and S1000D specifications. TDAD includes a website, a content management system (CMS), and two offline publishing utilities. Stakeholders use the CMS to develop, locate, reuse, configuration manage, assemble, and publish DITA and S1000D XML technical data into one or more publications. Stakeholders use the CMS lifecycle to track review and approval of publications, and transfer of approved publications to the publication distribution center. Used Rational Rose, Rational Requisite Pro, FogBugz, Documentum, eRoom, Windchill, Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Publishing Engine, Quest Password Manager, Sharepoint, Photoshop, MS Office, Visio, MS Project.

Fleet Readiness Directorate (FRD) (The Marlin Alliance, 2014). FRD installs and maintains the hardware and software deployed to the fleet. This project entailed documenting FRD's business processes. Used MS Office, Visio.

Navy (2010-2011)

Navy Nuclear Operations (NNO) (SAIC). This project entailed configuring a content management system for developing, approving, and distributing the technical publications used by Navy personnel to manage the nuclear power plants onboard submarines and aircraft carriers. Used Documentum, MS Office, Visio.


AeroManager (SAIC, 2000-2002). A Business-to-Business portal supporting Rolls-Royce's civil aviation division. Stakeholders used AeroManager to check whether an engine was due for maintenance, schedule engine repair or overhaul, and order parts. Rolls-Royce showcased their new AeroManager portal at the 2000 Farnborough International Airshow. Used HomeSite, Visual InterDev, PVCS, SourceSafe, BugTracker, Photoshop, MS Office.

Sharp Healthcare

Y2K (SAIC, 1999-2000). Sharp Healthcare was running several legacy applications that were storing only the last two digits for the year, and assumed the first two digits were always "19". Used MS Office.

Tenth Mountain / Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) (1998-1999)

Tenth Mountain Systems, Inc. A website to provide information on Tenth Mountain's compliance testing and certification of systems using the Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) protocol for online payments. Company now out of business. Website previously hosted at Used Homesite, Photoshop, MS Office.

SDMI. A website to support collaboration between music industry organizations concerned with managing the rights to digital music. Organization now out of business. Website previously hosted at Used Homesite, Photoshop, MS Office.

Scient Corporation (1998-1999)

Invesmart. A commercial B-to-C web site designed for the insurance industry. Company now out of business. Website previously hosted at Used Homesite, Used MS Office.

SAIC (1998-1999)

ISSAIC. The award-winning intranet used by SAIC employees. Used Homesite, Photoshop, Used MS Office.

U.S. Department of Defense

Composite Health Care System (CHCS) (SAIC, 1991-1997). Instructional Designer / Trainer / Team Lead - Designed, developed, and presented instructor-led training for CHCS lab technicians, system administrators, and network specialists. Used MS Office.
Corporate Executive Information System (CEIS) (SAIC, 1997-1998). Instructional Designer - Designed and developed instructor-led training for CEIS database administrators. Used MS Office.

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