Professional Experience

Professional Experience


I have held the following roles in the software development lifecycle:


Scrum Master for the Virtual Secure Enclave / CANES MOC Variant networks.

Product Management

Sr. Product Manager of the DITA Publisher,  TDAD, AeroManager, and Navy Nuclear Operations products.

Project Management

Project Manager of the DITA Publisher and TDAD products, and the Sharp HealthCare project; Team Lead on the AeroManager and CHCS products.

Program Management

Assisted the SPAWAR technical data director with management of the technical data program. The TDAD toolset was one component of that program.

Documentation & Training

Have written a variety of documents for the DITA Publisher, TDAD, CHCS, and CEIS products, as well as other projects.

End User Support

Managed the user help desk and provided end user support for the TDAD product.

User Experience Design

Responsible for user experience on the TDADAeroManager, Tenth Mountain, SDMI, and ISSAIC products.

Hosting Center Management

Managed system administrators responsible for the Horizontal Integrated Data Environment (HIDE) virtual server hosting center.

Web Development

Developed web pages for the TDADAeroManager, Tenth Mountain, SDMI, Invesmart, and ISSAIC products.