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  • Margaret Fellenbaum, SPAWAR Deputy of Integrated Logistics Support, supervisor 2013-2014: “In March 2013, I was promoted to Deputy, Integrated Logistic so still have plenty of interaction with Jan. While I served as the Product Data Manager, Jan supported me by spending endless hours analyzing technical manual development tools and made constructive process and procedural changes to improve the SPAWAR Technical Manual Management life‐cycle operations. Of note, Jan was instrumental in the analysis and transition of our current infrastructure to a technical manual delivery environment. This enhancement will improve SPAWAR technical manual acquisition, cut production lead times, and ultimately improve the delivery of SPAWAR technical manuals to the fleet. In addition Jan fostered a sense of urgency and flexibility when responding to fleet and headquarters operational requirements. On numerous occasions Jan trained SPAWAR logisticians in the performance of TMMA functions. She’s an integral member of the team… I appreciate her very much!”
  • Wilfredo Hannibal, TDAD / HIDE Project Leader, supervisor 2004-2014: “Janet’s work had Exceeded Frequently the expectations assigned to her. She took actions to improve her current position and prepare for future responsibilities by obtaining an ITIL Foundation certification. Janet successfully maintained an Integrated Technical Manual (TM) Support Architecture. Wrote requirements for the Unified System Manual (USM) Quick Reference Guide (QRG), assisted GDIT with developing the USM QRG, and provided status reports to sponsor. Worked with GDIT to review and revise their schedule for migrating TDAD web application and severs into SSC PAC NEDC. In addition she revised the SPAWAR Technical Manual Management Program (TMMP) Operations and Lifecycle Support Procedures. Assisted Headquarters Code 4.3.3 with making progress toward long‐term strategic and technical objectives, to include SPAWAR support of XML development compliant with the S1000D specification. As part of TDAD Accreditation process for its IATO, Janet reviewed and revised the TDAD Incident Response Plan, Contingency Plan, Configuration Management Plan, DADMS applications, and other documents used for the TDAD IATO and NEDC migration. Janet provided superior technical and functional assistance to the GDIT Help Desk and TDAD end users as needed.”
  • John Skelenger, SAIC Team Manager, supervisor 2002 – 2003: “Jan is one of those team members you always wonder how you ever got along without. Jan is an extremely functional employee who is capable on all levels of project performance including project management.       Jan never fails to surprise me with the range and depth of her abilities. I have no doubt that our revenue base will continue to expand based on success that I attribute to Jan’s activities. Jan is a self starter who requires minimum supervision, she is adept at anticipating my needs as manager and is capable of performing customer interface as well as providing task leadership to other members of my team. She is a joy to manage. Jan has successfully performed the most critical tasking her customers have required. She has increased the customers confidence in SAIC to a point that we are becoming the contractor of choice for his support, not a trivial task as we started working with this customer under less than favorable conditions. Her effort has done much to build SAICs reputation which has resulted in increased funding.”


  • Gary Austin, SAIC Program Manager for the Rolls-Royce Aeromanager web portal, 2002: “Jan Denny worked for me for 6 months while at SAIC. She was the requirements and HTML manager for the Rolls-Royce Aeromanager project. This was an extremely challenging aerospace Internet portal development project with a multi-national client, development teams on two continents, a relentless delivery schedule, poorly defined requirements, and numerous contracted employees. I cannot say enough good things about Jan and her ability to deliver. First, she stepped up and put in immeasurable time and effort into developing, and obtaining customer approval of the project requirements. This was extremely difficult, as the customer could not elucidate what they wanted, nor did they have an understanding of the underlying technology and its limitations. Following her efforts in finalizing requirements, Jan staffed and managed an HTML development team. This included finding 10+ contractors on a less than one month notice, ramping them up on the project deliverables, communications model, and requirements, and managing them on a day-to-day basis. The HTML work product was superb, and well received by the customer. Jan’s work ethic and understanding of the project goals was such that I selected her to manage the project team whenever I was out of the country, or otherwise indisposed. This meant that for those periods, she had 60+ FTE’s and 4 subproject managers under her chain of command. Her management peers were extremely impressed with her ability to run the organization, and provided only support. This is not always the case when peers manage peers, but Jan overcame any barriers in short order. I would recommend Jan in the highest terms for any number of roles, from technical manager, to project manager, to technology subject matter expert. She excels in all of these roles, and she will do an excellent job for your company. Additionally, she possesses an excellent work ethic, energy level, and is a solid, ethical employee.“
  • Joe Pasquarello, SAIC Software Engineering Manager, supervisor 1999-2001: “Jan was instrumental in the completion of Aeromanager. Her work exceeded all expectations. Throughout the project, she performed above and beyond any required tasks, taking each to a higher level. Her HTML skill and user interface are exceptional. Without her extensive knowledge and work persistence, Aeromanager would not have been completed. She worked exceptionally long hours to complete her tasks within the time frame allotted. We as a division just need human cloning to have an exceptional front-end development force.“
  • Sandra Holloway, Vice President, SAIC Corporate Development, 2001: “I’d ask that you take a special look at Jan Denny. She is one of the most diligent, hardest working people I’ve run across in a long time. Her work ethic is amazing.”


  • Pam McDonald, SAIC Technical Training Manager, supervisor 1993–1998: “I could always count on Jan to provide an exceptionally high quality product. Her training materials were instructionally valid, technically accurate, appropriately detailed, clearly written and consistently formatted. As a deliverable lead on several projects, she demonstrated excellent planning and coordination skills. Jan consistently worked within budget and schedule limits. She communicated very well with her customers, management, co-workers, and subject matter experts. When called upon to present her classes to government reviewers, she always received high marks for her platform presentation skills. Jan would be a valuable addition to a training organization. She has my wholehearted recommendation.”
  • SAIC Special Performance Award, 1994: “Jan’s work has consistently been outstanding. As the lead on the Standalone PC System Manager class, she demonstrates strong program management and leadership skills. She has received unsolicited praise from the SAPHS development team. Her commitment to excellence has resulted in a high quality class given a limited timeframe and budget.”
  • David Cox, SAIC Senior Vice President, 1992: “Jan, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your contribution to the continued success of CHCS during 1991. Your efforts as a training developer were instrumental. Your ability to plan, organize and direct the preparation, design, and completion of laboratory training materials under stressful deadlines indicates your professionalism, dedication and an importance that you have given to CHCS. Without your leadership and innovative approaches to issue resolution, CHCS would not have achieved its current level of success.”

Summit Software

  • Eric Robbins, Director of Operations, Summit Software, 1986: Jan could always be counted on to come through as promised, making decisions on her own while keeping everyone appropriately informed. This can be invaluable to a supervisor who doesn’t have the time to be constantly supervising.”

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